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“PSOs are the only program that permit health care providers to investigate how they are providing patient care and how they can do a better job without fear of litigation or harm to professional reputation.  Many QI and safety programs look only at the whatwhereas a PSO can help health care professionals figure out the howin a safety culture that reinforces professionalism and learning, to the benefit of patients. “

Angie Skretta, NorMet PSI

AQIPS PSO Best Practices Learning Collaborative

AQIPS members are leaders in quality improvement and have developed best practices and innovative programs for improving the quality of patient care, health outcomes, lowering the cost of care.  AQIPS will convene PSOs under the protection of the Leadership Council PSO where the PSOs can share replicable programs, best practices and lessons learned. The goal of the collaborative is to create a community of knowledge that can help participants accelerate systematic change and make lasting breakthroughs in quality patient care and service that meets or exceeds patient expectations.

While at AHLA In-House Counsel Meeting in Colorado be sure to attend the session on PSQIA Case law.  

During the AHLA Annual Meeting attend the sessions on the PSQIA.

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Featuring Peggy Binzer of the AQIPS and Lisa Mead of the Strategic Radiology PSO 



Who We Are

AQIPS is the nation’s leading professional association for Patient Safety Organizations and their healthcare provider members that leads efforts to measurably improve patient safety and the quality of patient care by fostering the ability of providers to implement a culture of safety and high reliability.   The provider community that works with PSOs focus on providing consistency in quality and implementing innovative patient safety programs throughout the continuum of care, from EMS, primary care, ambulatory care, pharmacy, inpatient, rehabilitation, post-acute care, long term care and home health care.

Healthcare Providers Do You Need Help …
Designing your Patient Safety Evaluation System?

Let AQIPS help you.  We have a PSES template, implementation plan, experts, and training materials to make the implementation of your PSES and meeting your quality improvement goals effective and easy.

 Why Join or Establish a PSO

  • Benefits of joining a PSO include using the privilege and confidentiality protections of the PSQIA to facilitate building a culture of safety and high reliability in which all licensed health care providers are able to discuss errors openly and learn from them.
  • Most state peer review statutes did not contemplate new health care models, such as clinically integrated networks, that evaluate a physician’s performance using dashboards, scorecards, benchmarking and other statistical analysis to drive performance improvement and sharing that information outside of a hospital or physician practice.
  • The PSQIA is flexible “to accelerate the development of new, voluntary provider-driven opportunities for improvement” and to “set the stage for breakthroughs in our understanding of how best to improve patient safety.”

Want to Establish a PSO?

If you are interested in becoming a PSO, let AQIPS show you how to make meeting the regulatory requirements easy for you.


  • ABG Anesthesia Data Group, LLC
  • Academic Medical Center (AMC) PSO
  • Alliance for Patient Medication Safety
  • Anesthesia Quality Institute
  • Carolinas Healthcare System Patient Safety Organization
  • Carolinas Rehabilitation Patient Safety Organization
  • Catholic Health Initiatives Patient Safety Organization
  • Center for the Assessment of Radiological Sciences PSO
  • DaVita Institute for Patient Safety
  • ECRI Institute PSO
  • Emergency Medical Error Reduction Group (EMERG)
  • Enterprise Patient Safety Organization
  • Florida Academic Health PSO
  • Healthcare Improvement PSO
  • Healogics Patient Safety Institute
  • Mid-Atlantic Patient Safety Organization
  • NC Quality Center PSO
  • Nebraska Coalition for Patient safety
  • Pascal Metrics Inc
  • Patient Safety Leadership Council
  • Quality Circle for Healthcare
  • Safety Culture PSO
  • Strategic Radiology PSO
  • Symbria SAFE
  • The Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety
  • The Patient Safety Research Foundation, Inc.
  • The Texas A&M Health Science Center Rural and Community HealthInstitute (TAMHSC-RCH)
  • * Provider members not listed